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Welcome! My name is ADAT or well...sometimes people call me Radio! Even Disney, y'know? Well it's great to have ya here! I'm a 17yr old artist who loves to chat and play old games like Toontown and such! Though I'm also SUPER into horror! Hope you get to know me a bit and such! This links to all my stuff currently!

As of January 2022 I'm not much of an artist anymore. I'm kinda quitting it and taking a break from the internet. Until further notice, I'll see you all then.

Commissions: Closed until further notice.
Art Trades: open
Requests: closed




That being said, another thing that inspires me is Toontown. The online MMO from 2002/2003 has been the thing that got me into art in the first place. Toontown had been a large factor for so long, bringing me joy in times I really needed it and being something that really helps me de-stress after a long day. The original card art and more had been a driving force of motivation to become something great, and although I cannot join the TTO team like I wanted to since I was little, it will still always be my goal to strive to reach my full potential because of that game.

Radio's Commission Info

Please pay up front!
Paypal Only
Commission Status: Closed until further notice.
Contact for Discord: defunct for now
If you'd like to commission me please contact my Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram! My Discord is also up there in case you want to contact me through that!

I do draw more than just Toontown! Though Toontown is one of the main inspirations in my life and in turn I have a TON of Toontown art. Good places to check out more of my work- especially oc ref sheets- is to go to my Toyhouse page! I in turn also do make small comics but the price will depend on a lot of factors and I am working on a comics portion for this right now. To know that, you'll have to ask me on prices I apologize ^-^'.


Glitched Guardians

Glitched Guardians is one of many story lines in this Toontown AU where it follows the story of a blind, muted pink, tall cat named Sandy and her companion a one-eyed doodle named Benny on an adventure in a place called the Glitchlands that is a deathtrap. The Glitchlands slowly takes code away strip by strip, being painful and irreversible for whoever had the fate of staying 5+ hours out of a safe haven. The Glitchlands had been getting faster and faster at taking away this code, only the glitched toons even know they're in a game. Sandy and Benny are on a mission to get home to the new server to Sandy's little sister RD and the rest of her family, take down Wallis E Disney once and for all, and get married to her love of her life Cookie someday.

The hardships they face on the way are tough but Sandy is determined, especially with the help of Benny by her side on the adventure they take. When this comic will be out I am not sure, but it is currently in the works. You can find images and more information on Toyhouse and such, even on my Twitter and especially my Tumblr.

The Glitchlands and Affects from it

The Glitchlands can cause many issues. Once a game is shut down and ends up there as the backup servers, the land starts to corrupt slowly after 3 days and gets faster and faster. Though the land will never completely disappear, it will be a buggy mess. Whoever stays out too long in it will start to slowly corrupt their code and get rid of certain aspects of them. This isn't the only means to become a glitch, you could be born one, though it is rare. Glitching won't stop unless you end up in certain safe havens, one being the TTC pond. The havens will stop the corruption but will NOT undo any glitching. The only things that can kill glitches are the Glitchlands itself, a glitched item, or another glitch. There is only one way out of the Glitchlands, through a portal opened up by certain items of each land. The item will activate in one specific area and stay there once it is there, so one would have to be extremely careful with an item or it can kill them even if they do get to a safe haven somehow in time.

I have a huge aesthetic for space, playing cards, casinos, synthwave, the 80s, and more!

For music I enjoy:
-Bon Jovi
-Fall Out Boy
-Arctic Monkeys
-Glass Animals
-Lemon Demon/Neil in general B)
-Tally Hall
-Soft Cell
I enjoy more bands too!! But mainly these ones!

Things I Kin
-Gingy from Shrek
-Marx from Kirby Super Star
-That one trash can in Toontown (you know the one)
-$20 Fortnite Giftcard
-Colonel Sanders's right shoe
-Micheal Rodent Fieldmouse
-Arcade Carpets
-The Once-ler
-Dj Maxx

-You are in relation to Timerr/Running-Out-Of-Time




-Into incest/any other gross stuff like that

Welcome to the Edge of the World!

You may be wondering how you got here....and well congrats on doing so! You're here because you want to learn about our system a bit! Fair warning though, we are NOT public about being a system. This being said, systems are people with Dissociative Identity Disorder- something brought on through extremely severe trauma in life. Don't fear us though! How we work is sometimes we will dual front (ex. ADAT and Vendetta, DVNO and Vendetta, DVNO and ADAT, etc.). Think of us as more friends! We all are different and remember different things unless we are next to the person fronting.

For example if you talk to ADAT about puppies and Vendetta isn't fronting/in the room with ADAT, Vendetta will not know what you and ADAT are talking about and vice versa with everyone. We hope that you can meet us all and get along with us well! We're trying our best and we understand you are too. If you accidentally call us by who you're used to fronting, we are completely understanding and know you are trying your best to remember who is fronting. We normally use Tupper but we use Pluralkit too, our system name is the Disney System.

In our lovely system, beautiful chibi artwork done by DVNO, you will see (in order here):

ADAT/Maxx/Skipper (He/They)

Half human half ghost who loves to chat and tends to front most of the time, loving to play toontown with everyone and enjoy his time chilling out in vcs. He usually is upbeat about everything and loves to create a chill environment for everyone to be around. He loves his fair share of chaos and his humor can be a bit on the side of saying "i hate you" and "loser" in a loving manor, though if you ask politely he will not do this with you. They are extremely understanding and are always a shoulder you can rely on.

Vendetta (He/They)

Imp who has an ungodly obsession with Colonel Sanders from ILYCS. Fun dude to hang around and tends to draw in a loose, fluffy style. His art can be told different by ADAT's mainly by the eyes. He fronts alongside ADAT a lot, but can front on his own if ADAT gets a little too stressed or just needs to take a nap in general. He tends to have sarcastic humor and loves to poke a bit of fun at things, but genuinely means no harm and will stop doing something if you ask him to politely do so. Like ADAT, he'd hate to make someone uncomfortable.

DVNO (They/Them)

Four capital letters baby! They're an extremely chill and fun person to be around. This succubus enjoys drawing chibis (like the art above), watching JJBA, and tends to call people 'dear' and 'darling' a lot. If you ask them politely not to call you that, they will 100% understand and call you something else. They tend to enjoy more games like Jackbox and Gartic Phone. There's not much to say on them, but they'll front more if ADAT and Vendetta are tired out.

Interlude (He/Him)

Interlude, the fallen angel he is, rarely fronts and loves to make snide remarks and jokes, but means no harm doing so. He can come off sarcastic at times, though tends to not front very often at all. He's in a relationship with DVNO and the two are more in the middle of the elders in the system. While Vendetta and ADAT share the same age, Interlude is in his late 20s as well as DVNO. He doesn't share much about himself besides he enjoys Cash Cash.

Player (Mainly They/Them, but goes by any pronouns)
Player is chaotic and tends to speak in emotes. They draw in a chibi-esk style with round eyes instead of how the others draw eyes. They're mute like Vendetta, tending to prefer to stick to who they know and doesn't really go outside of their system when talking unless its to someone they really trust. They have a loving heart, but are more of a guardian-esk role in the system.

A.M. (Any Pronouns but mainly goes by radio pronouns ex Ra/Rad/Radio/Radioself/Radios)
A.M. doesn't front often at all, very rarely in fact. Rad is usually extremely chaotic and assumed to be around Players age, tending to stick by Player more than anyone else. Those two get along well, and you will not see A.M. front unless they do trust you enough.


We hope this guide to who we are helps you talk to us more and are able to get along with us all! Thank you so much for taking the time to read what we all have to say.